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DKPot2 Culture: Mississippian
RARE Georgia Late Mississippian Pottery Bowl - Incised Rim
This one I deleted by mistake, so Im relisting here and at a reduced price. The vessel is a bowl form but instead of the rim turning inward as most do, this one has an outward flared rim with an incised design on the inside of the rim. Firing colors are some of the best I have seen. From an orangish color (Ga. Red Clay) and turns to grey . It has no damage or restoration other than a rim chip and small pressure crack. It measures 6-1/4" wide and sits on a flat bottom 2-1/2" tall. This site had some of the most unique vessels I ever have seen from Georgia. A lot had flattened bottoms, not typical to the area and the rarest pipes I have ever seen. Its like these folks were from a different planet and seemed to keep to them selves. Very few trade items were found so Id date this at A.D. 1500 as I figure some of the Europeans relics made it to the villages before the European themselves. Found on the Cossawatee River years ago in Gordon Co., Georgia. One of a kind.
(Gordon Co., Georgia)    
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