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MoIndiansMo64 Culture: Indian/Archaeology
"Indians and Archaeology of Missouri" by Carl H. and Eleanor Chapman 1964
This is a 1964 1st edition paperback with 161 pages of text, photoplates, and maps. This is a classic in archaeology and has been reprinted several times, however this is a 1st edition copy. The book measures 9" tall and 6" wide and has no writing of highlighting of the text or pages other than October 1964 written on cover in ink which was the issue date.
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BynumMds Culture: Indian/Archaeology
"Archaeology of the Bynum Mounds, Mississippi - Natchez Trace Parkway" by John L. Cotter and John M. Corbett - Archaeological Researh Series #1 - 1951
This is a 1st edition 1951 original on the excavations and conclusions done at this prehistoric/protohistoric mound site located a few miles east of Houston, Mississippi. It consist of 6 mounds and the associated village remains. Chapters include reports on the excavations of the 6 mounds, a ceramic analysis, a non-ceramic analysis of copper, galena, stone, etc., and 4 specialist reports on skeletal material, vegetal, animal and shell. It has 112 pages or text, maps, charts, and photographs and is in very good consition with blue reinforcement tape on the spine and previous owners name in pencil on the cover and first blank page. Original Wrappers with 112 pages including photos. Book measure 11 inch's tall x 9 inch's wide. NOTE the blue tape is not on this copy. Got to update that cover scan.
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MoIndiansArchMo Culture: Indian/Archaeology
"Indians and Archaeology of Missouri" by Carl H. and Eleanor Chapman
This is a new condition 1983 2nd edition paperback with 161 pages of text, photoplates, and maps. This is a classic in archaeology and has been reprinted several times. The book measures 9" tall and 6" wide and has no writing or highlighting of the text or pages.
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Dickson Culture: Indian/Archaeology
"The Prehistory of Dickson Mounds: The Dickson Excavations" by Alan D. Ham - Illinois State Museum Reports of Investigations #35
This is a 1980 new condition paperback about the Indian site known as Dickson Mounds located in Fulton County, Illinois. It has 146 pages of text and 7 photo plates. It covers the excavations done at the site and includes site description, burials and artifacts. It measures 11" x 8" and has no writing or highlighting of the text or pages.
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MoBanks Culture: Indian/Archaeology
"The Banks Village Site - Crittenden Co., Arkansas" by Greg Perino - Memoir Missouri Archaeological Society, Number 4, 1966
This is a new condition paperback with 161 pages of maps, graphs, charts, and LOTS of actual photographs. The Banks Village site is located 1-1/2 miles north of Clarksdale, Arkansas. This publication gives incredible detail to the Mississippian pottery culture and has super photographs of vessels as well as good data on the names of certain styles. It also includes bone tools, pipes, hardstone tools, and shell. Paperback w/161 pages
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Dethrow Culture: Indian/Archaeology
"Indian Relics of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri" by James M. Dethrow
This is a fine book that I have enjoyed collecting artifacts that are pictured in this publication. It isn’t as well known as Hathcocks books on pottery, but it does have a lot of pottery vessels pictured including utilitarian and effigys. It also has a good coverage on flint spears, knives, and arrowheads as well as hardstone. It is a 1st edition hardback with 152 pages and covers stone, pottery, shell, bone, etc. It measures 11 X 8 inchs.
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MoArchSpiro Culture: Indian/Archaeology
"The Spiro Mound" by Henry W. Hamilton with a Preface by James B. Griffin - including "An Interpretation of the Place of Spiro in Southeastern Archaeology" by James B. Griffin and "Textile Fabrics from the Spiro Mound" by Charles C. Willoughby
This is a year 2000, 3rd printing of the 1952 original by the Missouri Archaeologist. It is new, un-read and is paperback with 276 pages of text. Nearly 50% of the book is actual photographs of the site, excavations, and artifacts. There is also a section showing drawings of the engravings of the shell artifacts found at Spiro. It contains a wealth of info that I can only begin to list including chapters on ancient pipes, pottery vessels, stone impliments, copper artifacts, shell gotgets, beads and pendants, and so on and so on. The book size is 9 inchs tall and 6 inchs wide.
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FtMich Culture: Indian/Archaeology
Books Fort Michilimackinac 1715-1781 An Archaeological Perspective on the Revolutionary Frontier by Lyle M. Stone
This is a 1974 1st edition HARDBACK of this classic by Lyle Stone. It has 367 pages of mostly photographs. This is the book that you need to identify those 1700's artifacts that you find metal detecting. This book has to crosses to rings, all types of iron from knives, hinges, nails, axes, hoes, brass things like tinklers, thimbles, bracelets, and has an incredible work on glass trade beads by Mary Elizabeth Good. I have identified a lot of things I found on Indian village sites located in Alabama that are just like these recovered in Michigan. The French, English and some Spanish controlled the North American continent during the 1700's. So, it will assist in areas across the U.S.

The book is in very good condition with its dust jacket. The cloth covered book has gilt lettering on the spine and front cover and measures 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches. The book contains 273 illustrations and 54 tables. This is a first edition copy. Despite the slight imperfections in the jacket the book is in very good to excellent condition.

This report is an archaeological study of Fort Michilimackinac, an eighteenth-century historic site in Mackinaw City, Emmet County, Michigan. Fort Michilimackinac has been under continuous archaeological and historical investigation since 1959. The archaeological data presented have been obtained as a result of a joint research program between the State of Michigan, Department of Natural Resources, Mackinac Island State Park Commission, and the Michigan State University Museum and Department of Anthropology.

Fort Michilimackinac was nearly 60 per cent excavated between 1959 and 1969 and produced over 500,000 historic and prehistoric artifacts, numerous structures, structural components, and features. The foremost objective of this research was to provide information on the basis of which structures and period settings are reconstructed. The site's stockade and seven structures had been reconstructed as of 1974 as part of a continuing program of site development. Two other objectives of this research have been the preparation of archaeological and historical research reports and the training of students in the methods of field archaeology.

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NCaIndiansPeck Culture: Indian/Archaeology
"North Carolina Indians Before and After Roanoke" by Rodney Peck
This title introduces the reader to the history of North Carolina Indians from the time they arrived during the ice age to when Sir Walter Raleigh landed at Roanoke Island, and to the Cherokee “Trail of Tears”. Many pictures of Indian artifacts will familiarize the reader with rare examples of Native craftwork and tools. The book measures 11" tall x 8" wide and has 46 pages. It is a new, un-read paperback from 1999 and is a first edition and it is signed by the author.
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Wheeler Culture: Indian/Archaeology
"An Archaeological Survey of Wheeler Basin on the Tennessee River in Northern Alabama" by William S. Webb - 1939
This is a 1939 US Government printing of this classic by Webb. It has 214 pages with a 4 foot fold out map of the Tennessee River showing archaeological sites surveyed before Guntersville, Wheeler, and Wilson lakes were impounded. There is a black and white photo section in the back with flint, stone, pottery, shell and bone artifacts pictured. Some of the counties where these excavated Indian sites are located are Lauderdale, Madison, Colbert, and others. Book size is 6 x 9 inches and it is in the original green wrappers. (1st Edition 1939)
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