"Yahati" by Dean Quigley

Image Size: 19" T x 24" W  

 print9.jpg (59614 bytes)

 print9.jpg (59614 bytes)

This signed and numbered print by Florida artist dean Quigley depicts two Archaic hunters tracking a Florida Panther and are adorned with implements and ornaments of the period, 3000 B.C. The Panther watches from the moss covered limbs above. Details of the prints include the Panthers foot prints of which the Indians are observing, the tattoos on the Native Americans bodies, and the Florida landscape with Palmettos, ancient Oak trees, moss, etc.

This is the only one of Yahati that I have and it is the #1 of 350 and the image size is 24 inch's tall and 19 inch's wide. This print was limited to 350 Signed and Numbered Regular Issues and 35 Artist Proofs. This is the Number 1 print of the 350 that were issued. It is not a perfect print as it has a crease across the center that was done during shipping. Honestly it doesnt show unless you try and see it by making light reflect a certain way. That is why this print is $150.00 and not the $275.00 that they sell for. 

$150.00 + $12.00 USPS/SOLD

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