"The Hunters" by Dean Quigley

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"The Hunters"

The state of Florida has witnessed human occupation for more than 12,000 years. The group of migratory hunters known as Paleo-Indian are the ancestors for all generations of Native Americans, and the earliest known inhabitants of Florida. There is undisputable evidence that these early Indians hunted ice-age animals in Florida. Several lancelet projectile points, and a fore shaft made of a mammoth ivory, have been found in a submerged pale kill-site in the Lucille River near Tallahassee. The Florida of 12,000 years ago was considerably drier than today. In fact, the coastline was 100 miles further out into the Gulf of Mexico, where submerged Paleo Indian campsites are being discovered, in today's time. "The Hunters" illustrates a 12,000-year old Paleo-Indian hunting party in deadly combat with a juvenile Mastodon. This scene is depicted as taking place in a dried pond bed within a large grassy plain near Gainesville, Florida called Paynes Prairie where many Paleo point and tools have been found.

Limited to 350 Signed and Numbered Regular Issues and 35 Artist Proofs. 

I have one print available that is number 71 of 350. This print is on the cover of a book released early 2008 by the University of Florida!!!! Congrats Dean-0 !!!!

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